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RRR 78RPM Show – August 13, 2017 — 3 Comments

  1. I am a new listener. Enjoy your selections and themes. I have a request: Gene Kardos playing
    “In Other Words We’re Through” sung by Dick Robertson. Thanks

    • Hi, Alex (if I may be so familiar 😉
      THANK YOU so much for listening, for taking the time to write and for your kind words.  I have a decent copy of “In Other Words We’re Through” by Gene Kardos, but it’s with Chick Bullock and not Dick Robertson (Banner 32962). It’s a lovely, litlting record, and I’ll happily play it on the August 27 show as part of a “break-up” set. May I ask how you happened upon the show?  Thanks again!

  2. Glenn,
    Thanks for correction on the singer to “In Other….” I discovered you from some comments
    in July from the fan site of Rich Conaty. Listened to his prog. since 2008. So you might
    say I am orphan of his program to yours. I am currently going thru your prior programs
    and what looks interesting I tape onto a cassette……yes, I’m still into cassettes!!!! I then
    play them at my leisure or in my car. I grew up on this style of music. Growing up in
    the early thirties I would hear my dad listening to them on the old radio. I like the
    research you do for each selections. Keep plugging away!!!!
    Alex Reyes
    San Jose, CA.

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